FCRI: My City Competition – Experiencing the Urban Fabrics

Are you a city slicker with a passion for storytelling? Show us your skills and enter our My City Competition!

We’re looking for captivating pieces of writing, stunning photography, or engaging short videos that showcase your unique perspective on your hometown, urban life, or urban landscapes.

Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Lancaster, or the modern infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur, we want to hear about your experiences and see the urban world through your eyes.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, your pen, and your creativity, and submit your entry by the 24th of May for a chance to win one of the prizes of £50/RM300 Amazon Vouchers!

Entries could be:

  • A short article/narrative (up to 500 words)
  • A poem or lyrical piece (up to 500 words)
  • A digital photograph (a single image with caption)
  • A short video (up to 30 seconds)
  • An illustrated piece (a single image)

How to Enter

The submission deadline for the competition is the 24th May @ midnight (UK Time). All entries must be submitted electronically, to Ms Siti Aisyah Abdul Kadir (SU Staff) at aisyahak@sunway.edu.my or Miss Bryony Seager (LU Staff) at b.i.seager2@lancaster.ac.uk.

Prize Announcement

The winners of the My City Competition will be announced during the FCRI Festival in mid-June. The festival will provide an opportunity for the winners to showcase their entries and receive their prize (vouchers).


The My City Competition is open to all PhD students, academic, and research staff members from Lancaster and Sunway Universities. Entrants must be currently enrolled as a PhD student or employed as an academic or research staff member at either Lancaster or Sunway Universities at the time of submission.

This is an individual submission. Each entrant is limited to one (1) submission per category. Multiple entries in the same category will not be accepted.

Requirements/Terms & Conditions

  • The copyright of all entries must belong to the author/artist.
    • This means that all written, photographic, and video entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe on any third-party copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • By submitting an entry, the author agrees to grant the competition organisers a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and distribute the entry for promotional purposes (printed and online), but ownership and all other rights will remain with the author.

Selection Criteria

  • Originality and Creativity – We are looking for entries that display originality and creativity in how they explore and showcase the urban landscape or emotions in relations to cities.
  • Relevance – Entries should be relevant to the theme of the competition, which is exploring and showcasing the cities of Lancaster and Sunway City from a personal perspective.
  • Quality of Content – Entries should be well written, visually appealing, and engaging. We are looking for entries that demonstrate a high level of quality in terms of content, style, and presentation.
  • Adherence to Guidelines – Entries should follow the guidelines provided, including word count limits, file formats, and submission deadlines.
  • Overall Impression – Entries will be judged based on the overall impression they leave on the judges, including their ability to capture the essence of urban life and/or landscape, and their ability to convey a personal experience in a compelling and impactful way.