Our Vision is to become the go-to urban research hub that shapes global agenda and trains the next generation of truly international & interdisciplinary researchers across the Global South and Global North.

International challenges demand huge answers. For us, it starts with bringing together expertise from across disciplines and organisations, reaching across the world to collaborate, co-design and connect. FCRI gives us the power and platform required to rise to the challenge of achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals in the UK, Malaysia, the Southeast Asian Region and beyond. Together, we can unlock more fulfilling lives. The world we want to be part of, we can build it together.


Our Purpose is to make a major contribution to the global conversation on sustainable cities and urban regions, in their broadest terms, helping to tackle major global challenges associated with the rapid urbanisation which will bring together the Global South and Global North.

To achieve this, we will champion and shape the strategic direction of the first joint World Class urban research institute, building on mutual exchange and benefit for the global South and Global North and on the existing strengths in Lancaster and Sunway Universities.